Frequently Asked Questions

Cooling & Heating

Will the tint keep the heat out?
Yes! That is what solar film is designed to do. It will keep out from 46% to 78% of the sun’s heat, depending on which film you use.

Will solar films help to reduce fading?
Yes! Solar film eliminates 99.9% of the sun’s fading (UV) rays. This greatly reduces the amount of damage that the sun does to costly furniture & drapes. UV rays are also a contributor to skin cancer and cataracts.
Can I use the winter sun to heat my home?
Unless your home or building has been specially designed and built to take unwanted solar heat gain on the south side of the home or building distribute it to the north side during the winter months, the myth of free solar heat is just that–a myth! Most consumers have to close their drapes or curtains during the winter months on the south side of their home because the sun is so intense. The south side of the home is generally hotter than the north side so they will experience an imbalance that will affect their heating system and cause it to either operate too much or not enough, depending on the location of the thermostat. Applying film to those southern windows creates a balancing effect, which means greater comfort!
What is Shading Coefficient?
The ratio of solar heat gain through a glazing system to the solar heat gain of a single light double-strength glass.

What happens to Solar Films in the winter? In the winter, I want the sun to help heat the home.
Solar Film works year round. In the summer, it keeps the heat out of your home. In the winter, it helps to keep the warm air in your home. The clear winter days usually have the coldest nights. So, the 24-hour savings provided by the solar film more than offset the loss of solar heat during the day.

Our Films

Will there be bubbles in my film?
No, our patented CDF adhesive system has never experienced an adhesive failure. It’s not soft and thick and unstable like most pressure sensitive adhesive systems. It will not bubble! Its optics are also far superior to any other adhesive system on the market.

Do you have a film that will not alter the appearance of my windows?
Our gray films were especially formulated not to alter the natural colors when viewing from one side to another.
Is this the same film I can buy at the hardware store?
No! Our films are an architectural grade. They are much heavier and more durable than the films available to consumers.

Do you use 3M films?
No. It is a good product, but our experience has shown us that our films are better.

Durability & Protection

Will the film provide for Severe Weather Protection?
Yes, the combination of the polyester and adhesives used to construct our films makes glass safer than it ever was before. An object such as a brick can be thrown against a window, and if thrown powerfully enough, could penetrate the window, but the rest of the glass will be held in place by the film. If the window did not have window film applied, large shards of glass would fly throughout the room and leave a very large hole where glass had been.

Does masking tape provide protection from severe storms?
No. Tests have proven that window film is thousands of times stronger than masking or duct tape.
I live near a golf course. Will the film help protect against damage from stray golf balls?
Yes, our film is great for protecting against damage from stray golf balls! The same principles described for Severe Weather Protection are applicable. The film will keep the glass from shattering, and likely prevent the ball from entering your home, thereby preventing further damage. Seasonal residents have found this aspect particularly beneficial, since glass breakage while they are away can expose their home to weather damage and pest intrusion.
How does window film compare to other shatter-proofing methods?
Window film provides a pleasing appearance, is long-lasting, and economically sound. An alternative is Plexiglass, which has a comparatively short lifetime and can scratch easily. Another option is shatterproof (aka bulletproof) glass, which is extremely expensive compared to window film.

Do utility companies recognize the benefits of window film?
Many utilities across the country are offering some type of incentive for purchasing window film for homes and buildings. Ask yours if they have a program in effect.

Installation & Design

Are your installers competent?
Yes! All of our installers are experienced, and while some companies subcontract work out, we do not. We could not maintain our high standards of quality if we did.

How long from the time I call to schedule an appointment until the work can be done?
We can usually get you scheduled and completed within one week. *During the summer months, it may take up to two weeks.
How long does it take for window film to dry?
Film type, climatic conditions and direct sunlight exposure all factor into film drying time. Normally, film dries within 30 days.
Can I have half of my window tinted?
You can, but it is not recommended. Due to the uneven temperature of the glass, this type of installation can cause glass breakage and is not warranted.
Is it normal for there to be a gap of light around my window pane?
Yes. A gap of 1/16 to 1/32 of an inch is standard in the industry.

Will this film make the room dark?
NO! Solar films will not make a room dark. Our light and medium shades of film will not noticeably reduce the amount of light coming into a room. Our darkest shade will reduce the light coming into a room. This film is very good at reducing the sun’s glare.

Payment & Warranty

Is it guaranteed?
Yes! It is guaranteed unconditionally for a lifetime. This guarantee covers everything pertaining to material and labor.
NOTE: Not only do we honor our guarantee, the manufacturer also backs it.
Do I need to give you a deposit?
No! When we are completely finished, we will go over the entire job with you and make sure it is to your satisfaction. After this final inspection, you pay the installer.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes! Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Other General Questions

I have thermal pane glass. Should I tint the windows?
Yes, thermal glass is engineered to provide wintertime savings. It is not an efficient insulator against the heat, but Solar Film is.
*The darkest film that can be installed on thermal pane glass is 18% VLT.

Will window film kill my houseplants?
No. In most cases, if a houseplant is already receiving adequate light, the use of window film will not harm it. New growth or flowering may be retarded, and, for a few days, a plant may go into a state of shock while it adjusts to the light change.
Can window film allow me to see outside without allowing someone to look inside at night?
No. If the light is greater inside of the building, people will be able to see inside. One-way film is not available.
I have blinds. Do I still need solar films?
While blinds are effective at reducing the amount of light in a room, they are very poor at reducing the heat gain, even with insulated blinds. This is because there is a 4″ to 6″ gap between the glass and the blinds. Heat builds up in this area, and radiates through the blinds. This heat can be considerably greater than the outside air. The key to keeping the heat out is to stop it before it passes through the glass.

How do I clean the windows?
Just like ordinary glass; the only special care instruction is that you do not use abrasive cleaners.

For any additional questions, please contact us.