Sutherland Solar can affordably provide glass tinting for your home or business.
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Window Tint for Your Home

  • Vista┬« (Residential Solar Film) provides neutral, almost invisible shading and is aesthetically pleasing
  • Rejects up to 78% of solar heat
  • Cuts annoying glare
  • Screens out over 99.9% of harmful UV Rays
  • Reduces fading of upholstery and furnishings

Window Tint for Your Business

  • Reduces utility bills (in all seasons)
  • Pays for itself
  • Reduces A/C usage up to 65%
  • Eliminates Hot/Cold Spots in large commercial buildings
  • Prevents fading of window displays
  • Creates a uniform, aesthetically-pleasing appearance
  • Creates Low-E effect

Window Tint for Your RV

  • Clean, stylish look
  • Keeps out the heat and reduces the sun’s glare
  • Protects the interior from fading
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